At the recent WordCamp San Francisco 2009, Matt Cutts talked about Blogging and usability of WordPress. According to Matt, WordPress covers 80-90 % of Search Engine Optimisation requirements. It also has quiet a lot of functionality that is really easily accessible.

Matt also goes on to explain how Page Rank is calculated and how search engines crawl pages with decreasing page rank. As head of the spam team, Matt clearly outlines failures of un-ethical link building and says the links need to reputable and relevant.

The presentation also covered some of the important things to remember when blogging:
1. Create a blog for yourself, not for search engines
2. Blog about something your passionate about and write as often as possible
3. Make sure your blog is Relevant and Reputable to your topic
4. Include keywords in title, alt tags, content, navigation etc. Don’t overdo the page with keyword stuffing
5. Keep simple URL structure, matt recommends dashes in URL paths
6. Use appropriate categories when posting

Go through Matt’s full presentation here, Straight from Google: What You Need to Know.

WordPress is really a very simple and powerful tool for creating blogs and website. With the ease of changing website look and feel on the fly from an inventory of really cool web designs is really impressive. Would recommend that to anyone looking to start their own blog.