A new search engine Topsy finally went live this week. It not a normal search engine, but it’s a search engine for twitter. Topsy search results are citation of hyperlinks embedded with twitter messages. The information is taken from Twitter API.

Twitter has become the biggest source of content and information sharing. Thousand of people share useful links/information each day on twitter.

How does Topsy Search Work?

When a keyword is typed in Topsy, it looks at all the tweets that match the query, finds the links these tweets talk about. The algorithm then decides how much the link has been talked about. The algorithm also takes into consideration the influential of the people twitting.

Top Authors are influential people who have covered the keyterms in their twitter messages. Topsy algorithm determines who are influential people.

The co-founders would look into expanding the search engine to Facebook and other social media sites.

This is clealry a new look to search engine and should grab users attention as the links earn authority, only if they have been spoken about.

Check it Out! Topsy