Google’s up to it again! More search update and tools evolved during the recent Google Searchology conference.

1. Rich Snippets: Google search results would be showing additional information in addition to meta descriptions. The launch will currently support Review & Linked in websites and will be rolled onto other channels. More information here: Similar to Yahoo’s search monkey.

2. Google Search Options: Google’s new improved search options make it easier for people to search for products, information, reviews, news on the web easier. The new search option is available on the left column under the Google search bar. It’s really cool, especially try the Wonder WheelWonder WheelWonder Wheel’Wonder Wheel’ it’s exciting. More info here:

3. Google Squared: A place for information and finding facts from the internet, not a bunch of websites. Something Similar to the Google’s up to it again! Switching its buttons ON whenever someone else is launching new product in the market. The product is launched later this month.

Watch Marissa Mayer speak about all the 3 announcements. According to her, 40% of the user query each day are repeated. I agree with her and it makes sense, if you take a real world scenario.

Eg: Say I want to purchase or get information about buying links! Majority of my searches for the day would be related to this and the new search option will make it simpler for me to make a decision.