Google Penguin Update

After the Panda update last year; Google’s recent update has been named as the Penguine update. This came into effect on the 24th April 2012; Another step to reward high-quality sites.


Although Google updated it’s algorithm many times in a year; those updates that affect the Google search results drastically get named like Florida Update, Panda and now Penguine update. These updates affect the search rankings in general and spammy or un-ethical websites get affected during such updates. Hence, it is very crucial to make sure that the SEO Strategy is very ethical and any such updates do not affect the client search ranking positions.


Google’s search results are based on 2 factors Relevancy and Authority. Relevancy related to keyword targeting and the on-page strategy side of things and can be refined, improved and tweaked as possible following the ethical techniques. Websites Authority is calculated by the quality and number of incoming links point back into the website. Hence it is very important to have the right balance of Relevancy and Authority for a website to perform higher up in search results.


Blackhat SEO techniques should be completely avoided as it’s against the Google guidelines and the search algorithm is pretty smart enough to catch this effectively. It’s the grey hat techniques that Google is looking to refine its algorithm to avoid un-ethical technique as there is a very thin line between it being ethical or un-ethical. Eg: the current Penguin update has been very strict with SEO’s over-targeting one specific search term within the link building campaign. Also websites that have too many ads above the fold have also faced heavy loos in search rankings. Articles websites using replicated content also faced heavy penalty loses during the Panda Update. Forbes websites also faced heavy drop in rankings last year for selling links.


All of these techniques had been improving search results for years now, but Google has counteracted them finally. Hence, SEO has become more and more pro-active and new techniques have been adopted and spoken at seminars. Although there is some basic exact science techniques which need to be adopted to start moving higher up in search results. To achieve the top 3 positions we need to have a very pro-active and ethical strategy which would maintain the search rankings for a long periods of time.

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